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Waterproof Digital EMID 125Khz Guard Tour Terminal

Electric: Yes
Waterproof: Waterproof
Material: Plastic
  • GS-6100CZ


  • 9030100000

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The Descriptions

GS-6100CZ is guard patrol device with OLED color screen for guard management.The guard handel the device to the point place punch the punch card, which is used for guard attendance management. It is can read EMID 125Khz card with free-drive USBcommunication port, easy to connect PC to download data.This Guard tour monitoring system with battery.Guard tour with battery use low power consumption, with lithium battery-powered, operating temperature range -40ºC~70ºC, with excellent low temperature performance for use in alpine regions. We provide professional software for management.lt can be used for Community patrol,Police patrol and many other places.

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1.Waterproof patrol device,sound and light when reading successfully.

2.LCD can display current time and ID no. When reading data.

3.Low battery alarm functiondata ,full alarm function,Metal luxurycase, totally airproof with silica gel, resist low temperature.

4.With mini USB port, convenient to download data.

5. Low tiny-power consumption, very low static state electric current.

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How does the Security Patrolling Device Working Process?

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Packing List

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About us 

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