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The frame of  turnstile is generally made of steel for good load bearing capacity and durability. Some key parts are made of metal, such as stainless steel, which increases the strength and stability of the product. Turnstiles are widely used in places that require security management, such as museums, banks, shopping malls, etc., and can effectively prevent trespassing and tailgating behavior. In places with large flow of people, turnstiles can control the entry and exit and flow of people to prevent crowding and confusion. The use of automated control of the turnstile can quickly complete the entry and exit of personnel and statistics, improve management efficiency. Part of the turnstile also has intelligent functions, such as access control systems, time and attendance systems, etc., to achieve automated management and remote monitoring.

Our Turnstile types include Tripod Turnstile, Swing Barrier, Flap Barrier, and Full Hight Turnstile. Welcome to come and purchase.


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