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The technical team and the sales team carry out the IRIS series of new product learning

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On August 11, 2023, the Granding IRIS series of new product learning activities were held in the conference room. The company's technical staff and sales staff participate together. The study of IR series products was conducted by the technical team as the main speaker, who led the staff of the sales team to carry out in-depth product study, practical operation, and software installation and use. 图片3

New product IR6

Using a state-of-the-art iris recognition system, with Rugged Handheld Multi-Biometric Terminal,widely used in various fieldscan work well in asset management,parking  fee,ticket check,industrial inspection,drug regulation,etc.




Android 10.0 OS with memory of 4GB RAM/64GB ROM

. Industrial & humanized keypad design and tough 5.5 inch touch screen together with high resolution of 720* 1440 display

4G & WIFI network and highly secured Android 10.0 system provide the high speed data communication and perfect security  guarantee

. Iris image capture and recognition for national ID applications, face recognition, 1D/2D barcode reading,NFC,

The study of this new product reflects the high degree of responsibility and professionalism of the Granding team. Only by understanding the product can we better serve customers, adhere to the customer-centric mission, and also reflect the interpretation of "Your security,my professional".


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