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In the era of artificial intelligence, is facial recognition still safe? More reliable biometric technology, you should know about it!

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With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, news about criminals stealing facial information to obtain illegal benefits or causing large property losses are frequently searched. So, is there an identification technology that can not only meet high security requirements, but also meet the public’s needs for personal privacy protection? The answer is yes.

There are differences in the characteristics of blood vessels in the palm of each person, and human hemoglobin has good absorption characteristics of near-infrared light in specific bands. In the process of palmaric vein recognition, near infrared light is first used to scan the palm to obtain vein and blood vessel information, and then AI algorithm is used to convert the blood vessel information into characteristic values for identity comparison and authentication. Beditte palmar vein recognition technology is based on the unique characteristics of palmar vein to identify and authenticate personnel. The vein features are hidden under the skin, difficult to be copied, and have the characteristics of living body recognition.


Compared with biometric methods such as fingerprint recognition and face recognition, venous recognition has more obvious advantages in protecting privacy. When the palmar vein is used for identification, there is no barrier to recognition due to external causes such as damage, wear, moisture and dryness of the palm skin. It is precisely because veins have the characteristics of living recognition and hidden features, the recognition accuracy and anti-counterfeiting ability can be improved to ensure the security of identity recognition. At the same time, the palmar vein is identified as non-contact, clean and hygienic, which is more in line with people's health protection needs and more people's health protection needs.

Palmar vein recognition is a very safe biometric technology, widely used in a variety of scenarios of strict identity authentication, such as payment authentication, information system login authentication, access control system authentication, valuables access, etc., the future will have more palmar vein recognition products to people. With palmar vein recognition technology as the core, Beditte provides identity authentication solutions for a variety of scenarios, including smart city, smart finance, smart campus, smart building, and smart justice.


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