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304 Stainless Steel Single Lane Swing Barrier Turnstiles Support QR Code

TS400 designed with LED Indicators and convient electric sensing method,through automatically swing wing,van quickly detect the person.The standard interface communication mode with TCP/IP,can connect with access control devices.And we also can according to your needs to customize.
  • ST400


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Model Name:  ST400

Multi-verification Residential Area Accessing Control Swing Barriers

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Swing Barrier Turnstile TS400 is made of SUS304 stainless steel.Swing gate turnstile TS400 also called: Swing Door,Swing Barrier,Swing Gate.Swing Gates cosist of dc motor or servo motor,mechanism,electric circuit,led lamp,sensors,swing barriers,buzzer,etc.This security gate turnstile provides flexible passageway access control system,ST200 with stardard 1100mm wide lane is suitable for both people and motor bike.The swing barrier widely used in bus station,supermarket,gym,metro station,school,hotel,electric circuit,sensors etc.And it can be integrated with third-party access control system Fingerprint,IC/Id Card,RFID Card,QR Code,Face Recognition,Ticket System.

Features OF Swing barrier TS400

 Water-proof and IR sensor, can works outdoor

DC brushless motor and mechnism, long life cycle

Automatic detection ,the gate will be automatically locked when the gate opening signal is not received;

The swing arms can be adjusted 

The external port can be connected with access control equipment, and can be remotely controlled and managed through the management computer.

Auto delay closing function, in the resetting process of the gate, the gate will automatically return to the open state when the infrared detects a person in the passage;


Model  ST400
Power Requirements
AC11V/220V ,50/60Hz
HousingSize 1200*280*980mm
Channel Width(mm) 600-1100mm
Cabinet Material Stainless Steel
Lid Material Stainless Steel
Barrier Material Acrylic/Stainless Steel
Security Level Medium
Optional Function Fingerprint/Face/Card/QR code redaer,controller

Details OF Swing Barrier TS400


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