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Visible Light Dynamic Face Recognition With Mask &Temperature Detector

Clock: With Clock
Voice Service: With Voice Service
Communication Interface: RS485, RS232, USB, TCP/IP, WiFi
  • Facepro1-TD


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Descriptions Of The body Temperature Facial Recognition

Facepro1-TD is a palm scanner facial recognition with body temperature detection camera,time attendance face recognition body temperature scanner security system non contact infrared thermometer.It can be install in subway gates,bus stations,hotel gates,offices,etc.It can also be installed on the wall for door access control devices.

It supports capacity of 6000 face, 6000 fingerprint,10000 cards, 200,000 logs. It is Linux Operating System, 5 inch touch screen, It is Visibal Light based, can work under the strong sunlight, we have web based software for it.

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Features Of The body Temperature Facial Recognition

● Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition

●Anti-spoofing algorithm against print attack (laser, color and BW photos), videos attack and 3D mask attackTouchless for better hygiene biometric authentication, temperature detection and masked individual


●Body temperature detection with distance 30~50cm(1~1.64ft),Measurement Range 34C ~45°℃ and Accureacy士0.3°c

●Communication mode: TCP/IP, RS232,RS485, Wiegand in/out and WIFI. Multiple Verification: Face / Palm l Fingerprint l Password

●Supplement light with adjustable brightness

●Professional web based software for access control and temperature management-Face Recognition distance: 0.3-2 meter

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Parameters Of The body Temperature Facial Recognition

Display 5-inch Touch Screen
Face Capacity 6,000
FingerPrint Capacity 6,000
Palm Capacity 3,000
Transactions 200,000
Communication TCP / IP, WIFI, Wiegand input / output,RS485,RS232
Standard Functions ADMS, T9 Input, DST, Schedule Bell, Camera, 9 Digit User lD, Acess Levels, Groups,Holidays,Anti-passback,Record Query,Tamper Switch Alarm, Multiple Verify Mode

Dual Core CPu,Memory 512MB RAM / 8G ROM

2MP WDR Low Light Camera,Adjustable Light Brightness LED

Operation System Linux
Access Control Interface 3rd Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button,Alarm output,Auxiliary Input
Face Recongntion Speed ≤1s
Power Supply Power Supply 12V/3A
Operating Humidity Operating Humidity 10%-90%
Operating Temperature Operating Temperature -10°℃~45C
Dimensios Dimensios 91.93*220*22.5mm

Working Applications

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More details

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About us 

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