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Unattended Parking Management System Solution

1. Automatic identification solution for parking lot entrances and exits

Equipment used in the project: high-definition license plate recognition + parking barrier gate

Application: Based on the automated transformation of the parking lot system, it is unmanned and transformed into a new system with preset design. Make the parking management system automatically and save manual parking management.

Using top-class license plate recognition algorithms, automatic parking barriers, and security controls, the automatic license plate recognition mode allows you to quickly enter the parking lot without swiping your card, providing users with a smarter, more convenient, and more perfect experience.

2.  Entrance & exit shroff solution

Equipment used in the project: high-definition license plate recognition + straight barrier gate + parking fee management system

Entrance and exit payment solution can be operated in online or offline mode, through ticket machines, RFID card readers, cameras and contactless parking lot entrance and exit barriers, can support cash payment, wechat Pay, Alipay payment, non-inductive payment, support unattended, unlicensed cars to scan code entry, two-dimensional code payment and other payment channels. To realize the automatic identification of payment management system for unattended vehicles in and out of the parking lot, more convenient access to the parking lot, convenient payment, accurate and convenient to find parking Spaces, and solve the congestion at the entrance and exit of the parking lot.



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