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SUS304 Stainless Steel Semi-automatic Full Height Turnstile

Type: Full Height Turnstiles
Control Mode: Semi-Automatic
Communication Interface: RS485
  • FHT2300 Series


  • 8530800000

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Biometric Full Height Turnstile FHT2300 Series 

FHT2300: Full Height Turnstile 

FHT2311: Full Height Turnstile with RFID Access Control System

FHT2322: Full Height Turnstile with Fingerprint and RFID Access Control System 

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Full height access control is suitable for residential areas, schools, factories, prisons, scenic spots. Construction site, scenic spot, etc.Full turnstileFHT2300 Series use of 304 stainless steel can prevent trailing, anti-climbing, one pole for one person, to prevent congestion. Full height turnstile support multi-function customization, multi-function biometrics, face recognition, swipe card, fingerprint, two-dimensional code recognition, fast passage for public transportation security gate.FHT2300 series with multi type you can choose: RFID Access control system,RFID reader,and support fingerprint ,face recognition.Easy to integrated with third party.

Why you should choose the turnstile 

Safe and reliable: 

the movement of the turnstile machine has automatic adjustment hydraulic shock absorption

Intelligent gate motherboard: can develop two-dimensional code, ID card reading. Attendance system and so on

304 stainless steel: 

good wear resistance, high temperature resistance and rust resistance, durable

Power lock, power off:

 meet the requirements of fire protection, special occasions in the case of power off also play the role of gate closure to improve safety and reliability

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About us 

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