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Hybrid Biometric&QR Code Handheld Mobile Time Atendance Terminal

Screen:touch screen 
type:time attendance
Verification mode:face/rfid/qr code
  • Horus H1


  • 8543709990

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Horus H1 face scanner device  designed with handle for easy taking ,especially used at construction sites or any mobile time attendance application. Built-in Backup Battery Handheld Mobile Time Attendance with Long life and big battery .  It is specifically designed for off-site time management, such as construction sites, logistic industries, large farms, and the mining industry. Coating with the rubber , its waterproof and dustproof . It is with a handle at the top of the rubber coating, which enables users to carry it easily and conveniently.

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System  Info

Operation System Android 10.0 CPU 64bit Octa-core Cortex-A73 CPU, 2.0GHz
Storage 4GB RAM / 64GB ROM, Micro SD card (max 256GB expansion) SDK PUSH SDK
Display 5.5 inch IPS Capacitive LCD touch screen Screen Resolution 720x 440
Support Card Type  ISO14443A& 15693, NFC-IP1, NFC-IP2

Camera Dual Lens Rear camera (13 megapixels); Front camera (5 megapixels) QR Code & Barcode QR code, PDF417,Data Matrix, MicroPDF417,Aztec scanning in third-party development projects


●5.5 inch IPS LCD HD display (720*1440)

●5 MP+13 MP front and rear camera

●Support 2.4GHz/5.OGHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G,GPS, NFC

●Embedded 5200mAh li-ion battery, support up to 5 operating hours 

●Support high-speed and accurate QR code/barcode scanning

●Facial recognition distance: 0.3m to 2m; Facial recognition speed <1s;User Facial recognition accuracy rate ≥99%

●Support mask detection

●A hexagonal rugged casing with tempered glass surface and achieved lP65 protection rating

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User Capacity 50,000
Face Capacity 50,000
Fingerprint Capacity 30,000(Optional)
Card Capacity 50,000
Logs Capacity 1,000,000
lnterface 1 x USB 2.0 Type-C
Protection level IP65
Supported Software UTime Master
Firmware Functions Push, Schedule Bell, Automatic Status Switch,Record Query, Groups, Holidays, DST, Workcode,Duress Mode (Password & Fingerprint),Customization of Wallpaper & Screen Saver
Language English, Korean, Latin American, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese,Spanish, Farsi, Japanese, Russian and Thai

Other Specifications

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More Details 

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About us 

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