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High Reliability Fiexed Arm Tripod Turnstile

Movement: Retraction
Type: Three Roller Gates
Control Mode: Automatic
LED indicator:Y
Security Level:Medium
  • TS1000S Series


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High Reliability Fiexed Arm Tripod Turnstile  from China屏幕截图 2023-12-20 143932

Biometric access control tripod turnstiles are compact and cost-effective, low power consumption, high operating reliability.  Barrier gate TS 1000S are cost-effective entrance  solutions designed for smooth and silent operation, less wear and  tear and reduced power consumption, suitable for areas where  there is a large flow of people.Also suitable for factory access gate system.The TS1000S series, Tripod gate for entrance,our stainless steel compact version, offers  high operating reliability in a small casework, ideal for sites where  space is an issue. On receiving a signal from the access control  system, or push button, it allows the passage of one person at  a time. Passage in both directions is electronically controlled.  Default mode is to lock the mechanism until a valid authorization  signal is received. In case of emergency, power off the device, the  user can rotate the arm for free passage.

Why should you choose TS 1000S series

1.We patented compact mechanism ensue the  long life of the lubricating oil inside. • High quality electrical components

2.There are no exposed screws, it is safer for the user. • Smooth operation designed for mass transit application

3.The pictogram on the device indicating access permission  and direction of movement


5.Well-designed electronic protection cover. Neat wiring inside.

6.We provides integration service in factory,  with board and peripherals installed, ensuring  compliance of the system. When the turnstile is  delivered, just and plug in and do the setting.Save the cost of installation.


Power Supply AC 220V/110V, 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature -28 °C- 60 °C
Operating Humidity 5%-85%
Working Environment Indoor/Outdoor(shelter
Rated Power 60W
Flow Rate Max 30 passage/minute
Ingress Protection IP54
Casework Material SUS304
Pictogram Indication Yes
Control System Input controlled by dry contact
Emergency Button Input Yes
Dimension 52×98×28(CM) + arm length 50CM
Package Dimension 60×108×38(CM)
Net Weight 29KG
Gross Weight with Package 35KG
Optional Function Alternative Material or shape, third-party,access control integration, passage counter

TS1000S Series you can choose :

TS1000S Tripod Turnstile 

TS1011S Tripod Turnstile with Controller  and RFID Reader

TS1022S Tripod Turnstile with Controller  and Fingerprint & RFID Reader

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