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GPRS WIFI GPS IP68 Real-time Guard Tour Device

Electric: Yes
Waterproof: Waterproof
Material: Special Material
  • GS-6100G


  • 8543709990

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About Wireles WiFi/GPS/GPRS Guard Patrol System

The GS-6100G Intelligent Guard Tour System utilizes the most recent version and is waterproof, IP68-certified. The waterproof design eliminates any concerns about the device or the potential impact of inclement weather. This guard management device is equipped with a lithium battery and is compatible with RFID 125 kHz tags. When reading data, The device features an LED display and voice feedback when a TAG is read successfully. With a long standby battery life, it is highly durable. It also has a magnetic contact communication interface. The device also features a high-speed USB communication port, enabling it to perform wireless real-time transfers via GPRS or WiFi. The industrial-grade design and materials ensure that the device is durable and has a long lifespan. We offer both standalone and web-based software versions to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers.

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The high-quality circuit board ensures stable performance. The flashlight can be used in dark environments without any issues. The USB communication interface allows for data download. The device supports WIFI/GPS/GPRS functions, with the GPS (GS-6100G-GPS-2G) offering special historical track playback capabilities.

More Details Of The Guard Tour Devices

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