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Flash Memory RFID Card Guard Patrol Terminal

Electric: Yes
Waterproof: Waterproof
Material: Special Material
Gender: Unisex
  • GS-8000F


  • 8543709990

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GS-8000F Wireless guard tour patrol device,use advanced wireless technology is a patrol inspection probe with small size, LED Light Prompt,industrial design, excellent quality and high performance. It can work in different environments from -25°C to 70°C and is waterproof. This one security guard patrol also have big capacity,30 000 events record capacity.And the metal body is paired with a tough silicone rubber shell, making it stronger, more durable and completely shockproof. After the battery is exhausted, the internal ROM can safely save data,you don't need worry about it.And it has the function of wirelessly uploading data to the communication socket, which is very convenient for access control patrol management. Through this probe, we can easily know when and where he patrolled.

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1. High quality circuit board makes performance is very stable

2. Metal body with tough silicon rubber shell is durable

3. Small size is convenient to take and use

4. Reading data contactless makes it easy operation

5. Uploading data contactless is high efficiency

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Basic Specifications

Model GS-8000F
IP Rating IP65
Record capacity 30 000 events
Tag type support EM/ID 125KHZ
Power 3V Li-batteries
Working temperature -25CºCto 70ºC
Working humidity 0~95%
Dimension 159*78*35mm


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About us

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