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Ethernet Interface Network Power Controller

echnology: 32-Bit Technology
Way of Control: Computer Control
Communication Mode:  TCP/IP
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The GD Series Controller Board Descriptions

GD series door access controller board,provide multi power output sokets,support TCP/IP,and the access controller can accurate measurement and  monitoring of current and voltage of each port.This Access control Panel is built on flexible, open technology to provide management, real-time monitoring , and control of your access control system-all from a browser, with no additional software to install.

The opening and closing of each output port can be controlled remotely through the wirednetwork. And we can provide SDK (Software Development Kit) is available for the customer to integrate the controller into existing access control software or to develop new software.

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The GD Series Controller Board Features

Provide a 10/10OM Ethernet interface

The digital tube displays the device lP address, output voltage and total output current in realtime

The port output sequence is turned on to prevent the power grid from being impacted by theexcessive starting current when it is turned on simultaneously

Support the overcurrent protection of the main circuit and each port, the port will be automat-ically closed when the actual current exceeds the set value

Provide a remote centralized management software platform that can manage multiple devic-es in a unified manner. Including equipment remote control management, status monitoring.group management, timing task setting, etc.

The GD Series Controller Board Specifications

Model GD-D132 GD-A208 GD-A202
Power input AC 220V/32A AC 220V/16A AC 220V/10A
Power output 32 DC 12V, maximum output 8AC 220V , maximum output 2AC 220V , maximum output
Communication TCP/IP TCP/IP TCP/IP
Rated power 320W 3500W 2200w
Dimensions 425x400x85mm 430x180x44mm 137x150x50mm
Working temperature -25℃~55℃ -25℃~55℃ -25℃~55℃
Working humidity 10%~90%RH 10%~90%RH 10%~90%R

The GD Series Controller Board Applications

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