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DC Motor 304 Stainless Steel Security Speed Lane Turnstile Access Gate

Sensing Method: Electric
Type: Speed Gate
Control Mode: Automatic
  • SG2000


  • 8530800000

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SG2000 Access Road Barrier Gate Automatic Speed swing barrier gate And Access Control Turnstile Gate with High Speed Passage,with DC brushless motor and mechnism, long life cycle,and the LED indicator, high quality and solid stainless steel cabinet, elegant design makes the access speed gate SG2000 more durable .the turnstile access control system cabinet width of the device is only 12CM, combining with the 140CM length, the device looks elegant and luxury. Using DC motor and optimized mechanism, the device barrier runs smoothly and silent.Fast and easy setting by numeric display .Easy installation between master and slave board Small LED show the status of the device clearly Testing keypad on board.All kinds of customized sizes and functions are acceptable.



Model No. SG2000
Power requirements AC110V/220V, 50/60Hz
Working temperature -28 °C - 60 °C
Working environment Indoor
Lane width(mm) 600-900mm
LED indicator Y
Cabinet material Stainless steel
Lid material Stainless steel
Barrier material Acrylic
Barrier movement Swing
Security level Medium
Options  Fingerprint / Face / Card / QR Code Reader, Controller

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