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DC Brushless Stainless Steel Auto Swing Barrier Turnstile for Supermarket

Sensing Method: Electric
Type: Swing Gate
Control Mode: Automatic
  • ST300


  • 8530800000

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SWing Barrier TS300 security turnstile provides excellent security and easy to operate and maintain

Swing Barrier gate ST300 utilities a mechanical drive unit with self-centering, anti-action mechanisms, and spring dampers, which allows the rotation of the security turnstile to be pushed through effortlessly thus facilitating a high volume of human traffic flow. ST300 is designed main entrance for factory or residential community.And it can intergrate with access controller.

The modern brushed finish stainless steel cabinet and aesthetically pleasing design allow the turnstil access control system to blend into any indoor or outdoor setting. The barrier gate system is made from high-quality materials, low power consumption, quick verification speed , solid stainless steel cabinet , water-proof,it is total water proof design on the cabinet, can be installed outdoor.Because of themodular design, the device is easy to install and maintain.

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Model No. ST300
Power requirements AC110V/220V, 50/60Hz
Working environment Indoor/outdoor
Lane width(mm) Lane width(mm) Maxmim 1100
LED indicator Y
Cabinet material Stainless steel
Lid material Stainless steel
Barrier material Stainless steel
Barrier movement Swing
Security level Medium

Other SWing Barrier TS300 Security Turnstile Details

ST300 : single mechanism, master or slave

ST301 : dual mechanism, works together with ST300 to form multiple lanes

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