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Biometric Iris Facial Acccess Control With Card Measurement

Clock: With Clock
Voice Service: With Voice Service
Facial Capacity: 10,000
Communication Interface: TCP/IP
Special Features: Reset, Webserver Software
  • IR5


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Model Name :IR5

IR5, it's new Iris, Face & ID card Measurement intelligent Time Attendance and Access Control device.It's Independent R&D of iris, core algorithm of cortical recognition, multi biometric readers method,you can through facial recognition,and card .Support the capacity of iris up to 50000 usres, 10000face,the big capacity.And high speed recognition,precision distance sensing, recognition distance up to 30-100cm. The Iris recognition device IR5 use ABS  material which is enhance safety & durable.It is widely used in gate or self-service channel,desktop registration and verification and access control&time attendance,and other room security.

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Basic Info

Screen Display 5.5 Inches LCD Touch Screen Memory 1GB DDR
Interface USB, RJ45, RS232/485, Wiegand26/34, Input/Output CPU Arm Double Core 1.2GHz CPU
8GB Emmc Flash Iris Camera 300W Camera*2 (2304*1536 Pixels)
System Linux Face Camera 30W (640*480 Pixels)


. Support mask identification.

. Support lris / Face / Card registration and recognition.

· National secret algorithm encryption chip to protect data security.

. Contact lenses and glasses of all kinds do not affect identification.

. 5.5-inch LCD touch screen, intuitive interactive page, easy to operate.

·A variety of installation methods are optional: wall hanging / desktop / gate bracket.

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Model IR5
Material ABS
Working mode Offline mode/Networking mode
Recognition method Face, Iris,Card
Collection method Automatic
Iris recognition user capacity 50,000
Face recognition user capacity 10,000
User capacity 50,000
Recording capacity 100,000
Registration time <1s
Recognition time <0.5s
Accuracy FAR<0.00001%,FRR<1%
Working distance 30-100cm
Working temperature -20ºC~60ºC
Ambient light intensity 0~1000olux
Distance Tips Screen Tips
Iris Image Compliant with International Standard ISO/IEC 19794-6:2005
Support card ID/IC card,4G(optional
Lighting method infrared lighting conforms to IEC/EN 62471 international safety standard
Power consumption <12W
Interface Network port,Access control interface,12 Power interface
Product size 180x56.5x 169mm
Weight 380g
Accessories Wall hanging/Desktop/Gate bracket (optional aluminum-magnesium alloy one-piece shell

Working Digram

Application: Community, Warehouse, Parking, Hospital, Supermarket, Enterprise, Factory

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About us 

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